You Will Make Mistakes

“No matter how much you anticipate, do your homework, and prepare, prepare, prepare, one thing is certain: When you are taking risks, learning a new skill, trying something new, entering a new situation, developing a new idea, testing creative solutions, or challenging yourself in any situation . . . you will make mistakes!”, (Kriegal, Patler).

Ain’t that the truth!

One thing to count on is that we will make mistakes. But those mistakes will bring  positive growth and change. “Nobody learns to walk without falling,”(Kriegal, Patler). Trial by error is really the only way a true entrepreneur learns the ropes. Yes experience helps, along with education and being prepared but learning from an oversight means that your dream is starting to manifest into a reality. It means you are brave enough to take the next step, which is an important factor when building your business.

Some oversights will be more severe than others and it is key to prepared and to be as knowledgeable as you possibly can before you make decisions for your business. Laying the ground work will definitely help to avoid a lot of mishaps; but you need to be easy on yourself when it happens and just make sure you really analyze how it went wrong in order to learn from it.

No matter how much you try to avoid it, you need to except that missteps are going to happen. The most vital lesson in a mistake is to find out what you did wrong and improve your method next time around so it doesn’t ever happen again. That is the key to turning failure into success. So be invested in your mistakes, learn from them, embrace the journey and every piece that comes along with it.



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