Why Professional Marketing?

Many entrepreneurs have some awesome ideas, but changing those ideas into a tangible business is what makes a true entrepreneur stand out. An entrepreneur does not have to know how to do it all. They do however need to know how to recruit the people that are able to do it all.

First it is important to understand that branding, PR and marketing go hand in hand. Some businesses feel they must choose one for another but I use them as a team. When looking for someone to market your business it is also key to find someone that understands the whole spectrum of your public relations and brand.

In a perfect world, every new business owner has the cash cushion needed to hire a high end marketing firm that can produce amazing results. But most people starting out, nothing is ever perfect, and you must think outside the box to move to the next level.  Below I broke down the must haves when looking for an external marketing agency and yes...  here at Green Soul Marketing... we got it all!


Why you need Professional Marketing Services

Understanding Analytics:

Professionals that are trained in marketing are taught to break down analytical numbers, target audience and so forth. As an entrepreneur, you are able to grasp the concept, but it is their job to really dig deep and produce growing numbers. In order to produce growing numbers, there must be a VERY clear understanding of the analytics of your customer's demographics.

Concentrating on different aspects of marketing:

It is so important that your marketing firm is able to concentrate on different aspects of your target demographics. As an new business owner it is nearly impossible to be able to reach the different parts of your target audience without losing some in the shuffle. Having a group of people or person solely responsible to build your client base will help make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Making your website more visible on Google:

It is vital to your business that it is visible and easy to get to when searching on the internet. Google is the leader in search engines and without you being on top of their list, you can lose a huge amount of customers. Generally speaking, someone will not scroll past 5 or 6 searches, so this is a very important reason to hire someone that understands SEO, (search engine optimization) and can increase your internet visibility.

Building your Client Base:

This is the lifeline of your business. It takes more than an idea or passion to do it. It takes skills and proper training for them to really be able to bring your brand to the next level and understand how to sell your business to its audience.

Engaging Social Media followers:

It much easier to get followers on your SM accounts, but it is harder to get and keep them engaged. A marketing firm is trained to be able to know how to engage your followers which will help to build your client base.

Changing your SM followers into customers:

This is the entirer reason businesses use SM platforms. The idea is to change that "like" on your page to a customer that will engage and buy from your business. Finding the right followers on SM accounts can be tricky. That is what a  trained professional can do. They can change those followers into clients, which is the end goal for any business, new or old.

What to look for when recruiting people in Marketing


Having experience is important when picking a marketing team or person. Are they able to relate to your demographic? Knowing how to get your message to your customers takes seasoned people with passion. Here at GSM, we have over 30 years of experience collectively and pride ourselves on having a diverse collective which gives us the ability to speak to a plethora of demographics and really relate to your customers. 

Interest in your industry:

The team you hire should at least have some interest and a good knowledge base in your industry to in order to produce growing numbers. It will show if they are passionate about what they are doing. It really helps to know that they believe in your business and brand in the same regards you and your team does.

Passion for marketing, branding and/or PR:

As much as it is important that they are passionate about your brand and hold an interest in your business, you should always look for someone that has a true passion for marketing and PR. If they love what they do, they will produce better results.

Excellent communication skills:

This is A MUST ! If they can not communicate well and able to understand your concept and goals, then it will never work.  It makes or breaks someone from being mediocre to excellent.


This is another must in my book. Are they able to give you a concise way they plan on getting your company the results you need to grow? Does their marketing plan touch on all the areas your business needs?  A result driven marketing plan will always produce better results.

Time Management:

Being there are so many different branches of marketing, it is important to have a person or team that is able to manage their time in accordance to the marketing needs of your business and your budget. Some areas may be stronger than others and it is crucial to make sure the marketing team knows how to properly gauge their time.


This is the most critical aspect when looking for a marketing agency. As an entrepreneur, most people want to be involved. They want to know the agency's strategies, and at the end of the day they want to feel like we are a team. It is essential that the team or person that does your branding and marketing can be transparent through out the whole process. This will make you feel more confident in the work and plan they are implementing. This is one of Green Soul's core values.

If someone's got it, they got it. A professional can have all the experience in the world but without the drive and dedication to grow your brand, your efforts could be all in vain. So what are you waiting for... reach out to us today and get your free consultation so we can meet you where you are and take your business to the next level!

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