Wannabes DON’T Get the Job Done

Be yourself! That is what they always say. I have been hearing this since I was a kid, so taking that lesson into our business has been quite beneficial. Don’t get me wrong, it is great to learn from others, but you have to find out what works for you.

Nobody ever really made it to top by being a wannabe. What do I mean by a wannabe? In the work place there are some “who mirror a boss or someone in an higher position,”(Kriegel). Looking up to someone as a mentor, is totally different. Taking the knowledge, you learned from someone else and using those skills to be a person that stands out in your industry is exactly what you are supposed to do. Trying to copy those in positions in power to the extent where you lose your sense of self and vision, means you lose the ability to be received as organic and genuine. In your industry, find your niche and roll with it. Create an idea that is totally refreshed or even better... brand new! Believe you are enough.

So how do you determine if your a wannabe? I read an article on Forbes.com, Are You Only a Wannabe?  It made me analyze myself and see if there were any of these traits in my behavior, whether in my personal or work life. To be honest there were two. The one that stuck out in my mind the most, was afraid of success and the other one was doubt. I have to admit I do suffer from these downfalls, so reading this list really gave me an ahaa moment to self-evaluate and remind myself I can do it. This made me want to share a quick overview of the list, as I am sure this information is a great check list to help anyone stay focused and practice the type of behavior and lifestyle it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and business owner.

Wannabees Check List

1) Lack Goals: You know the type: Wannabes think success just happens. So they don’t create clear goals.

2) Don’t Make It a Habit: They claim it’s a calling. But it’s really a diversion. Wannabes talk a good game. Their words ooze with erudition and passion. But their habits reflect a commitment to something else entirely.

3) Always Comparing: Want to know the quickest path to losing your mind? Start comparing yourself to others.

4) Doubt: We’ve all heard it. It’s that inner voice: “You’re not smart enough.” “You don’t have the connections.” “It’s already been done.” “What happens if you fail?” “Isn’t this life good enough?” That voice questions your abilities. It sees what it is, not what could be. And it can only divine the downsides.

5) Get Defensive: Wannabes are defined by one trait: Fear. They shy away from criticism, terrified of having their precious handiwork examined.  When challenged, they close themselves off or lash out, claiming anyone who disagrees “just doesn’t understand”.

6) Procrastinate: Wannabes don’t look forward to the work. So, they find ways to put it off. Some wait for the “right time,” believing inspiration will somehow strike and the work will take care of itself.

7) Underestimate the Work: Here’s a secret: Wannabes are romantics. They picture a world where great ideas just pop up. Their work will somehow fill what’s missing from their lives. But here’s reality: The process is tedious, exhausting, and thankless. It’ll encompass countless false starts, difficulties, and disappointments.

8) Develop No Track Record: Many wannabes are full of ideas. They’re often pretty good. But here’s what separates the wannabes from the could-bes: Wannabes rarely finish. They spend their days gathering information, weighing, revising, polishing, and perfecting. But they rarely put anything out into the world

9) Don’t Live in the Moment: You’ll find a wannabe anywhere but the present.  Some are jumping steps ahead, counting their future sales and building a trophy case.

10) Stop Improving:  They taste a little success. And it feeds into their worst instincts. Suddenly, these wannabes think they’re better than what they really are. They lose their edge.

11) Driven By the Wrong Reasons: They hitch their identities to certain paths without truly understanding why. Will is only as strong as the reasons that fuel it.

12) Won’t Ask for Help: Typically, wannabes are out to prove how smart and tough they are. So they go it alone and do it their way.

13) Not Always On: Talented people just can’t shut it off. Their minds are always churning with new ideas to expand and enhance their brand.

14) Care What Others Think: Every person who ever made a difference shares one trait: They didn’t listen to their doubters.

15) Afraid of Success: Pretty ironic, huh? Some wannabes are actually intimidated by a little success. Read full article.

In order to stay relevant and on top of the game in any business or industry, the entrepreneur must become good enough by continually “smoldering, studying, experimenting, revising, inventing, and persevering. That’s the same formula that molded every pioneer from Sophocles to Steve Jobs. The doers understand one truth: Wannabes compare themselves while leaders separate themselves,” (forbes.com)

So let’s be leaders that stand out from the rest in strength, hard work and passion my fellow entrepreneurs!



Kriegel, Robert J., and Louis Patler. “2.” If It Ain’t Broke– Break It!: And Other Unconventional Wisdom for a Changing Business World. New York: Warner, 1991. N. pag. Print.


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