Is Your Angel Investor Really an Angel?

If you are a true entrepreneur and have a great business plan, you can generally find someone who would consider investing in your company. Although you may be desperate for that cash cushion needed to take your business to the next level, there are some very serious things to take into account before looking for your angel investor.

The first step is really knowing what you want out of an investor. Are you looking for someone who is just looking for a return, that will not be too interested in how their investment pays off as long as it does? Or, are you looking for an investor that is deeply vested and holds similar passions to yourself. Of course, there is always the happy medium, but how often does that roll around in life. Well business is no different. So it all begins with you and what you are willing to do and don't do to get someone to give you their money, their time and their trust.

I firmly believe in the law of attraction in regard to having positive energy around my business and myself. When people see you are upbeat and can rise up to a challenge with hard work and a smile, that says something about you. People want to believe in someone and want a person that can lead their team home or in this case take a business to the next level. It's leadership at its best, and so it genuinely begins at our footsteps. Set the intention for your business, visualize the success, believe it and then roll up your sleeves and do what you need to do to make it happen. When you work hard for every morsel of success your business achieves it gives you a different perceptive on things. If you are like me, it will make you think really hard on what you will accept and what you will not. Remember this is a person that could either own a nice chunk of your business or who you will owe a large amount of money too for a good while.

When you find your perfect angel, it's like love at first sight. Things just click, you just vibe. They just get you. When something is meant to be, there is a certain ease to the situation. So, what makes an angel investor really your angel? Here are some things to consider and know before taking that leap of faith with your angel.

  1. Are you looking for a partner or someone who justs want to make a quick return on his/her money?
  2. Do you want your investor to be involved in the inner workings of your business by taking a more hands-on approach?
  3. How much money do you really need to take your business to the next level?
  4. You need a strong elevator pitch for the business that directly shows how this money will make the business successful and give the angel investor a return on their investment.
  5. The typical angel investment is $25,000 to $100,000 for a company but it can go higher.
  6. Early adopters or customers is a big plus.
  7. And last but not least, here are a few things that angels look for in business and its founders:
  • The market opportunity being presented with the intention of taking the business to new heights in revenues.
  • A precise and well put together business plan, that can be properly executed.
  • An appropriate valuation with reasonable terms.
  • Commitment, integrity and the passion from the founders.

Dream big, work hard and big things will happen. I stand by my words and know that with the power of intention and a huge amount of work, anything can be accomplished. This is a place where intention meets hard work. It is crucial to decide what you are really looking for in an angel investor and what you are willing to do or don't do to get it.

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