Empowerment & Power

What is the difference between empowerment, positivity and being in power, and more importantly how do they co-exist?

To be in Power means the “capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of an event, possession of control, authority”,(oxforddictionaries.com). It can also mean the “ability to act or produce an effect”,(merriam-webster.com).

To Empower means to “promote the self-actualization or influence of, viewed as a process: the mechanism by which people, organizations, and communities gain mastery over their lives,” (merriam-webster.com, wikipedia.org).

To be Positive means to be constructive in intention or attitude: showing optimism and confidence, with no possibility of doubt; clear and definite, (merriam-webster.com).

Empowerment breeds a positive mind.  When you are able to keep a positive outlook in life, there will be no limits to your possibilities.  You will not only be in power but will create an environment for success.  Empowering your team will be a very useful incentive when building your start-up.  You will be surprised how far a positive attitude can get you.

The fact is when you start to empower yourself and others, amazing things will happen.  Empowerment is the first step to positive thinking, morals, self-image, leadership, growth, learning, and ultimately power.


  • Being powerful can be positive or negative. This comes from our own personal reserves and will be enacted according to our personality and ethics.
  • Being powerful is a personal egotistic state and helps with healthy boundaries, stating our desires and moving through obstacles.

and more importantly:

  • Being empowered holds greater responsibility and recognition of what is empowering us.
  • Being empowered is an act of service…be aware of what you’re serving and how it affects your end of the line goals.
  • Empowering yourself and others will build a positive outlook on your business and personal life.

They always say you can catch more bees with honey than with vinegar.  In my opinion that goes without a doubt.  The end result is if you empower yourself and your team, ultimately you will empower your business.

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